I went to my doctor, and they told me all my test results are normal. But I feel really bad most of the time. Can you help me?

Absolutely! This is our sweet spot at Break Thru Burnout! What the doctor is really saying is your health issues are not yet serious enough for them to be able to treat. You have not yet crossed the line into disease. Our program has specific testing that identifies where your body is getting weak and having trouble functioning normally. We can then design individualized natural therapies to bring the body back to strength and normal function. In many cases, we can prevent you from crossing into the diseased state the doctor is looking to diagnose with their testing.

How is your testing different from the tests I get from my doctor?

Your doctor is testing to see if you are healthy or in a diseased state. Our testing reveals how much stress your body is under to keep you from crossing over into disease. These functional tests can be helpful in seeing where your body needs the most support, and what disease state is most likely if you don’t receive that support.

How are you different from a Health Coach?

Health Coaches generally work for a functional medicine doctor or practitioner. The doctor orders labs, interprets the data, and designs the protocol. The Health Coach is there to help the client implement the protocol and to troubleshoot any issues. 

In our method, we are both the practitioner and the health coach. So the person who designed your protocol is the person who will be there to walk you through it. In this model, there is no chance of misunderstanding, no chance of having to wait a week while the Health Coach gets clarification from the doctor, and when adjustments need to be made, your practitioner can do it on the spot, since they designed the protocol to begin with.

You talk about the five foundational systems your tests evaluate in this program. What are they?


Hormones are responsible for dictating many of your body’s metabolic processes. When they are unbalanced and out of sync, the metabolic processes break down as well, and you start to feel symptoms, like frequent headaches and fatigue.


A strong immune system is essential for maintaining strong health. In the modern world, the immune system gets called in to regulate things that historically have not been  its job, like chronic inflammation or chaos in the gut. When its resources are spread too thin, it can’t do things like detect and neutralize cancer the moment it appears in the body.


This system is responsible for breaking down and removing toxins the body either makes as waste products from metabolic processes or encountered in the environment. When your body is handling too much toxic load, the liver can get congested and fall behind. The kidneys feel the strain, then waste excretion gets compromised. As more toxic load gets created and backed up, you begin to feel symptoms.


We can be eating all organic, high quality foods, but if our digestion is compromised, none of that matters. Digestion works in two ways. First, it breaks food down into microparticles. Second, it absorbs the microparticles to utilize their nutrition. Digestion can be compromised in one or both areas. If you are not breaking down food, or not absorbing it well, you will always be malnourished and wrack up chronic deficits of vital minerals. If the lining of your small intestine is compromised, your immune system will have to spend valuable resources monitoring your digestion instead of scanning for invaders.

Energy Production

Your cells are amazing little powerhouses that manufacture energy for your body. This energy dictates how fast or slow you metabolize food, how much energy and focus you have, how well you heal and how quickly you bounce back from emotional upsets. Energy is the currency that allows us to live our lives. When energy production is compromised, you will feel symptoms across your body systems.

When you say you make lifestyle recommendations, what does that mean?

We don’t just recommend a few supplements and send you on your way. We evaluate the data from your tests, and based on deep relational knowledge of you, we make recommendations for you in five areas.

  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction
  • Supplementation

This approach is called D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success ©. Your D.R.E.S.S.© Protocol is comprehensive, and your practitioner will touch on all points of D.R.E.S.S.© in every session.

How do I complete the testing for your program?

We will have an initial consultation with you and decide which basic package of labs we want to run to assess your five foundational systems. Most are done from the comfort of your own home. We will instruct the lab to send test kits to your house. You will collect samples of your urine, hair, and stool according to the directions provided. Afterward, you pack up the test kit and mail it in the included prepaid mailer.

One test requires a blood draw. Your practitioner will direct you to a lab in your area, where they will collect the blood, pack and mail the test.

Do I ever have to come to your office?

With the exception of the blood test, all our testing is done in-home. All our sessions can be conducted over a video platform. You never have to drive across town or be in our office.

Do you take insurance?

Right now, insurance is set up to cover diagnosed illnesses. Since we are working to correct your body while it is still sub-clinical (meaning symptomatic but not yet in disease), insurance does not currently cover our testing or fees. We remain optimistic it will in the future.

Do I have to be in your area to be a client?

Since you do your testing from home, and we do our sessions over video call, there is no need for us to be in the same area. We can help you no matter where in the US or Canada you are located.

How long is someone typically a client?

On average, we work with clients intensively for 90 days. Some clients choose to remain for an additional 90 days for help with maintenance in a less intensive fashion. If a client is experiencing a huge amount of metabolic chaos, they may choose to extend to 9 months or a year. But our ultimate goal is for you to return to health and vibrant function so you don’t need us anymore. We also place a high value on educating you about your specific health, along with all the test results we collect, so you are empowered to be your own health advocate for the rest of your life.

I have lots of mystery symptoms no one has been able to help me with. What happens if you are stumped by my test results?

Of course we cannot guarantee any outcomes, but we pride ourselves on being health detectives. We are certified by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition©. Our organization provides high-level mentorship to its practitioners on individual cases, so several minds are available to look at your test results and come up with a plan of action.

In addition, we have about 100 tests other than the basic package available to use. So, if warranted, we can conduct a deep investigation into your health challenges. We won’t stop until you feel better.