About Elizabeth Gaines

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

I’m a Functional Wellness Practitioner and Burnout Specialist. I’m certified through the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition © program, and I help people reclaim their energy and mental clarity, so they can live vibrant lives.

  • That feeling of being so tired you can barely get through the day, I know it.
  • When you have to get up from your desk and then you need ten minutes to remember where you were when you get back, yes…I know you feel crazy.
  • When you lose touch with friends and family because you are too exhausted to talk on the phone or go out for a meetup after a day of work, I know how isolating that is.
Elizabeth Gaines

Tired. I’m exhausted all the time. Sleep doesn’t help. Most mornings, it’s a struggle to lift my head off the pillow. I don’t know if I just hate my life or if my body is literally falling apart. Everyone around me seems energized and engaged, but I’m too tired to exercise, go out with friends or even think through a single project from start to finish. And no one has any answers.

tired, frustrated woman at work

This was my story for years. I was in supporting jobs at work, like being an executive assistant or a non-profit case manager. I was a people-pleaser, totally over-extended and unable to say no, because I needed the external validation. I had bosses that exploited this, and I went home to partners that exploited this. And I relied on my body to take all the emotional hits my life doled out.

Eventually, my body ran through its reserve of vitality, and my way of life was no longer sustainable. I began looking for answers from doctors.

Some doctors told me my health challenges were a normal byproduct of AGING.

Others told me I needed ANTIDEPRESSANTS.

After being told for the tenth time I was normal, and my symptoms were all in my head, I began looking to the world of “functional” health for answers. Although they understood my symptoms were real, their solutions were trial-and-error, based on no actual data. They would listen to my symptoms and recommend a supplement or a therapy based on their best guess about its root cause. None of it made any difference. After wasting thousands of dollars on functional doctors, supplements and protocols that were recommended to me based on guessing, I found Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ©.

A few simple, in-home tests revealed hormone imbalances, gut dysbiosis, toxic burdens, and cellular damage.

The use of functional lab testing provided me with a road map to follow for the first time. These labs accompanied with holistic lifestyle changes allowed me to create a custom healing path for me.

Now I can do the same for you!

I know what you are going through.
I know it’s not in your head.
I believe you.

Together we can stop the endless cycle of trial and error.

It’s time to try something that will work.

You are worth it.

Reinvest in yourself

Re-engage in the things you love

Reclaim your health and happiness